Hospital Visits

The University Hospital of North Durham still has restrictions in place regarding visits to patients – see the hospital website for the latest information. However, the Catholic Chaplain is still able to visit patients, and can bring them Holy Communion and the Sacrament of the Sick. If you know of a patient who wishes for a visit from the Catholic Hospital Chaplain, please inform Fr Paul Tully on 01388 818544 or 

For visits to patients in St Cuthbert’s Hospice, in care homes or in their own homes, please contact Fr Andrew.

Durham Winter Night Shelter

Durham Winter Night Shelter will be providing emergency accommodation for homeless people in the city on the coldest nights of the year. This year, the shelter has had to adapt in order to become Covid-secure. Please support Durham Winter Night Shelter with your prayers, and financially if you can, via  The shelter also needs volunteers – contact Fr Andrew if you’re interested.

Ushaw Lecture

Catholicism and Music. Presented by Sir James MacMillan, University of St Andrews. Sir James MacMillan is one of today’s most successful composers, and a Durham graduate. Wednesday 9th December at 6.00pm, online. See Centre for Catholic Studies website for details and registration.

Parish Reading Group

The parish has a Reading Group which discusses all sorts of literature (not just theology, nor only Christian writing). All members of the parish are welcome to join, including undergraduates and postgraduates. The group is currently meeting on Zoom.

Our next meetings are not until the new year, but here is advance notice of the dates and the books we will be reading:

19 January 2021, George and Weedon Grossmith, Diary of a Nobody

23 February, Michael Sandel, The Tyranny of Merit. What’s Become of the Common Good?

Contact Margaret Harvey: email or phone 0191 3840080, if you would like to join the group.

Stay Awake

As we come to the coldest, darkest time of the year, the season of Advent begins; the season of waiting. In this season, we wait for the Son of God to come into the world. With the birth of Jesus, God’s plan of salvation will begin to unfold, bringing a new hope for all nations. A light will shine out in the darkness.

How should we spend the season of waiting? Jesus tells his disciples: ‘Be on your guard! Stay awake!’ As disciples of Jesus, we should be alert and watching out for his coming. The time of waiting is a time of preparation.

We prepare ourselves to welcome the Saviour by prayer and by repentance; looking honestly at ourselves and at our lives, to see where we need to change our ways and turn back to God. The prophet Isaiah, in today’s First Reading, speaks on behalf of the people of Israel. They have forgotten their faith and wandered away from God, and the prophet begs the Lord to turn back to his chosen people and restore their integrity. St Paul gives practical advice to the Christians in Corinth; God will keep them ‘steady and without blame.’ By living a good life, doing the simple things well, they will bear witness to Christ.

The time of waiting should not be time wasted. With God’s grace, the season of Advent can be a fruitful time, when we pray, reflect and repent. Then we will be awake and ready to welcome the Lord when he comes.

Parish Reading Group

The parish has a Reading Group which discusses all sorts of literature (not just theology, nor only Christian writing). All members of the parish are welcome to join, including undergraduates and postgraduates.

The next meeting is on Tuesday 1 December at 8pm, when we will be discussing Paul Nurse, What is Life?

The group is currently meeting on Zoom.

Contact Margaret Harvey: email or phone 0191 3840080.

Regular Events on Zoom

We have a number of regular online events. Please do join us on Zoom. You can access the log-on details by joining the parish Facebook Group, ‘St Cuthbert’s Parish Community’, or by emailing

Sunday: There will be a shared reflection on the readings and the Gospel, at 11.00am.

Saturday: There will be a virtual coffee morning, at 10.30am.

Monday to Friday: Morning Prayer of the Church (Lauds), at 8.00am.

A kingdom not of this world

In John’s Gospel, when Pontius Pilate asks Jesus if he is a king, Jesus replies, ‘My kingdom is not of this world.’ Today, on the last Sunday of the Church’s year, we celebrate the Feast of Christ the King. But Jesus is a different sort of King to the rulers of this world; he is a Good Shepherd who knows and loves every member of his flock. And the kingdom of heaven is very different to worldly kingdoms.

Today’s Gospel reading shows Jesus seated on his throne of glory, to judge  the whole human race. People of all nations will stand before the seat of judgement. Jesus tells his disciples that they will be judged by how they treated ‘the least of these brothers and sisters of mine.’ Did they feed the hungry and give drink to the thirsty? Did they welcome the stranger and give clothes to the naked? Did they visit those who were sick or in prison? These are the values of the kingdom of heaven; not power or money, but care for the poor and needy. This is how we will be judged – not on our words, but on our care for others.

The coronavirus pandemic has put a distance between people, in many ways. In these strange times, it is more difficult to reach out to our neighbours. But there are still ways that we can show our care and concern for one another,  using technology or by more old-fashioned means. This is what the Lord asks of us. These are the ways that we help to build the kingdom of heaven in the world.

National Youth Sunday

National Youth Sunday is celebrated today on the Feast of Christ the King. On this day, we celebrate the young people in our parishes and communities. This year’s theme is ‘Together’. While our parish community can’t gather as we usually would, we are united in prayer for our young people, and for those who minister to them. For more information and resources, see  

Our own diocesan Youth Ministry Team continues to work among our young people in spite of the pandemic. See and To support the work of the YMT, please send a cheque to Youth Ministry Trust, Emmaus Youth Village, Pemberton Rd, Consett DH8 9BA, or make a BACS payment. Account name; Youth Ministry Trust. Account no: 21172654. Sort code; 40-34-45

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