Journey in Faith

We are hoping to launch our next ‘Journey in Faith’ programme in October in which people who are considering baptism or reception into the Church or simply want to learn more of what it means to be a Catholic can come together to explore our faith. If you would be interested in coming along, please contact Fr Andrew or Andy Doyle (in person or via or 0798 543 4185). We generally meet on Tuesday evenings, between 7pm and 8:30pm.

Tainted Money

Today’s parable is a difficult one to understand and interpret. The steward is in a position of trust, and he uses his position dishonestly for his own benefit. Yet he is praised ‘for his astuteness.’

We should consider the situation of Jesus’ disciples. They lived in a grossly unequal society, where working people were ruthlessly exploited and heavily taxed by those who were wealthy and powerful. The words of the prophet Amos, denouncing injustice against the poor, were still relevant in the Lord’s time. So perhaps those hearing the parable would assume that the master had acquired his wealth unjustly, and that the steward was simply redressing the balance in favour of the poor people who were in debt to him. Certainly, the master seems to act ruthlessly in sacking his steward after an accusation of dishonesty. The deeper message of the parable is that we cannot serve two masters. If money is our master, we will be ruthless and even dishonest in our pursuit of wealth. If we are true disciples of Christ – children of light – we will give money its proper importance, and use it for good and worthwhile purposes.

The Franciscan Legacy

From the 13th Century to the 21st: An international conference hosted by the Centre for Catholic Studies in partnership with the Capuchin Franciscans of Great Britain, to mark the 800th anniversary of St Francis’ meeting with Sultan Malek Al-Kamil. In Durham, Tuesday 5 – Thursday 7 November. Deadline for registration is Monday 30 September. Centre for Catholic Studies email: or tel: 0191 334 1656.

Events at Minsteracres

Walking Retreat: Enjoy a walk of seven to ten miles through the beautiful countryside around Minsteracres, with time for prayer, reflection and sharing of the beauty of creation. You will need suitable walking boots and warm, weatherproof clothing. Please bring a packed lunch.
This walking retreat will take place on Saturday 9th October starting at 10:00am and ending at 5:00pm. Suggested donation: £10

Quiet Day: Sr Rosarie Spence RSM.
An opportunity to step aside, listen to God in scripture and enjoy the peace and tranquility at Minsteracres. Coffee and tea are provided. Please bring a packed lunch.
This retreat will take place on Wednesday 16 October from 10:00am until 4:00pm. Suggested donation: £15

Home Mission Sunday

Is today and there is a retiring collection in support. The Home Mission Office is a national organisation that helps the local Church engage in the vital mission of evangelisation. On Home Mission Sunday, they ask for our prayers and our financial support. Our prayers help them to be attentive to the Holy Spirit who directs their work and our donations to the collection will enable them to help the local Church share the joy of the Gospel throughout England and Wales. For more information about the Home Mission Office or to donate online please visit

Thank You

Last Sunday Martin Donbavand completed the Great North Run in 2 hours, 38 minutes and 48 seconds! Martin would like to thank everybody in St Cuthbert’s parish for sponsoring him and supporting his good cause. If you would like to donate but haven’t yet please see Liz Donbavand.

Partnership Open Afternoon at St. Cuthbert’s

This afternoon (Sunday 15th September), we open our church and community to all our friends from across the Finchale Partnership. This is the fourth of a series of Partnership Open Afternoons where we have an opportunity to welcome each other, to share something of our life together and to have a chat and some simple refreshments. Please do come along anytime between 2pm and 4pm.

Work out the Cost

Jesus continues his journey to Jerusalem. Great crowds of people are with him, but perhaps Jesus suspects that the people in the crowds have not understood the radical and challenging nature of his teaching. Jesus knows what awaits him in the capital city. He will take up his cross and go to his death. He will give his life to save us from our sins. So Jesus warns the crowds that anyone who wants to be his disciple must be ready to take up their own cross; to give up everything that is an obstacle to following him. Jesus’ disciples must be ready to give up possessions, the bonds of family and friendship, and even life itself if necessary. The parables of the tower and of the king preparing for war illustrate the need to consider seriously the cost of becoming a disciple of Christ. The Lord may ask us for everything, because he gives us everything.

Serve the Lord with Gladness

A Day of Reflection for All Ministries. At Ushaw College, Saturday 28 September, 10.30am – 3.30pm. Led by Fr Mark Millward, Dean of the Benedict Partnership (n.b. this is a repeat of the day offered in May.) Registration and refreshments from 9.45am. Tea, Coffee and a light lunch will be provided. Booking is essential: contact the Parish Office if you wish to take part.

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