Listen and understand

Every community has rules and
customs, whether it’s a family, a nation or the Church. Our rules
and customs reflect our values. For the people of Israel, the Law was
a gift that they had received from God; a gift that made them a
nation, God’s chosen people. When Jesus disputes with the
Pharisees, he’s not rejecting the Law that has come from God, his
Father. But the Pharisees interpreted the Law so strictly that it was
almost impossible for an ordinary working person to keep all of their
rules. And even worse, as Jesus points out, they sometimes used their
legalistic interpretations to avoid the most important obligations,
such as caring for one’s parents. They honoured God only with lip
service. Jesus asks his disciples, instead, to give our whole hearts
to him. If our hearts are with Christ, then God’s law will not feel
like a burden too heavy to bear.

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