Gift Aid

Please read the following important items if your are part of our Gift Aid Scheme. If you are not part of the Scheme and would like to be, then contact Andy Doyle, our Gift Aid Co-Ordinator:

Audit and Review: If you donate via Planned Giving Envelopes, could you please, within the next few weeks, insert a slip of paper with your name into the envelope along with your contribution. This will help us to show auditors that the Gift Aid claim records are being compiled accurately.

Eligibility: If you are part of the Gift Aid scheme, whether through planned giving envelopes or by giving directly through the bank then, for the parish to claim Gift Aid legitimately on your donations, you need to be paying at least £13 per year in Income Tax for each £1 per week you donate. If you are not paying sufficient income tax to cover the amount to be reclaimed from HMRC then please let Andy Doyle know as soon as possible. Andy can be contacted on 0798 543 4185 or

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