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19 November – 3 December 2017

Sunday 19 November – Sunday XXXIII
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Tuesday 21 – Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Holy Souls
Wednesday 22 – St Cecilia V,M
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Mary Jo Urquhart (A)
Friday 24 – St Andrew Dung-Lac & Companions
Deceased Members of the Barker Family
Saturday 25
Mass for the Bereaved
Bereaved members of St Cuthberts
Sunday 26 – Lord Jesus Christ the King
Priest’s intention
Priest’s intention
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Priest’s intention
Priest’s intention

Journey in Faith

Our Journey in Faith programme continues on Tuesday 21 November at 7pm in the Dining Room. Although designed primarily for those looking to be baptised, received into the Catholic Church and/or confirmed, all parishioners and students are very welcome to come along and to explore the Catholic faith.

This week’s session is the second of two exploring our understanding of Scripture and focuses on the New Testament

Fair Trade at Christmas

Following the great response to the Real Easter Eggs this year, you can now buy (or order) The Real Advent Calendar (£3.99) and Meaningful Christmas Crackers (£9.99) from our Fair Trade Stall. You can also buy Traidcraft Christmas cards (please see the poster) at the Gateway World Shop at St Nicholas Church in Durham or online at  Alternatively you might like to buy an unusual Christmas present by buying a gift that gives twice at or

Fear or Trust

Why is it so terrible for the servant to hide his master’s money in a hole in the ground? Isn’t he simply being cautious? But perhaps Jesus calls us to something more than caution. The servant acts as he does out of fear of his master: “I had heard you were a hard man…” The master has put his trust in his servants, placing his wealth in their hands. If the servants respond by trusting their master, they can be creative, take risks, and make the wealth grow. If they are paralysed by fear, they will achieve nothing.

God has given us many gifts and talents. They are given to us to be used for the benefit of others, and to bear fruit, not to be hidden away. Pope Francis says: “Any environment, even the most distant and impractical, can become a place where talents can bear fruit. There are no situations or places that are closed to the Christian presence and witness.” This parable calls us to open our hearts, put our trust in God, and dare to be creative with the wealth that God gives us.

Remembering our loved ones

Morning Mass this Saturday 25 will be at 10am and will be offered for all the deceased family and friends of our parishioners. During the Mass, we will be invited to light a candle and to name those whom we have lost. All are invited and those who have been bereaved in the last 12 months are especially welcome.

Confessions will be available before Mass (9:00-9:30am) and light refreshments will be served in the Parish Room following.

World Day of the Poor

Pope Francis has asked the worldwide Catholic community to observe the World Day of the Poor for the first time on, Sunday 19 November. The World Day of the Poor will be observed each year on the 33rd Sunday of the Church’s liturgical calendar.

Loving God, Open our ears to hear you in the cry of those living in poverty.

Open our eyes to see you in the lives of the oppressed.
Open our hearts to meet you in others and to respond with mercy and compassion.

Pour out on us your grace, so that we may grow as your faithful people,
always seeking your kingdom of Truth, Justice and Peace.

Through Christ our Lord,

News from Vietnam

Peter Hampshire has written to us from the South of Vietnam, where he is living in a Salesian community, and working with young people. Peter admits, “The first few weeks have been interesting, but I’m still not sure what’s going on half the time because communication is often difficult.” But he says that the Salesian community does a great job of supporting young people in difficult circumstances, and he thanks you for your generous support of his project.

Serving at the altar

We are looking to increase the number of servers available for both of our Sunday Masses and also for Weekday Masses where there will be some sacristan duties involved. We welcome anybody of any age who has made their First Holy Communion and full training will be given. If you are interested, or you know of someone who may be, please let Andy Doyle, David Crookes or Fr Andrew know.

Journey in Faith

Our Journey in Faith programme continues on Tuesday 7 November at 7pm in the Parish Room. Although designed primarily for those looking to be baptised, received into the Catholic Church and/or confirmed, all parishioners and students are very welcome to come along and explore the Catholic faith. This week’s session looks at the question “Who is Jesus?”.

Holy Souls

November is the month in which Catholics traditionally bring to mind those who have died and pray for their souls. Our Parish Book of Remembrance will be open at the font all month from All Saints Day for you to write the names of your departed family members and friends. The 10am Mass on Sunday November 12 will be a sung Requiem Mass for the souls of all who died in the World Wars and other conflicts of recent decades.

We will also invite all who have been bereaved in the last few years to come along to a special Mass at 10am on Saturday November 25th which will be followed by light refreshments.IMG_20141101_114912

Practising What we Preach

Jesus’ words are a biting criticism of the scribes and Pharisees, the religious leaders of the people. They are the successors of Moses, but Jesus accuses them of hypocrisy: they do not practise what they preach. Do as they say, but not as they do! – a stinging rebuke for any preacher or teacher.

Paul describes the Christian model of leadership. Those who have a ministry of leadership should watch over the people in their care like a mother or a father. They should give themselves unselfishly, seeking no reward except for the satisfaction of seeing disciples grow in faith and commitment, as the Good News takes root in their hearts.

We are all called to take on responsibility in the life of the Church. But if we find ourselves seeking recognition for what we do, or building up our own power and importance, it’s a warning sign. We have only one Master, one Teacher and one Father. All that we do should be done for the service of God’s people, and the glory of God.

Centre for Catholic Studies

Wednesday 15 November: Catholic Theology Research Seminar: How the Trinitarian God Acts in Creation: Augustine, Aquinas and Lonergan, by Professor Neil Ormerod (Australian Catholic University. 5:15pm drinks reception; 5:30pm paper and discussion here in the parish/chaplaincy room.

A group will dine in a local resturant afterwards. All are most welcome to attend; please register via or 01913341656.


Jesus is faced with a hostile question, designed to trip him up. Which is the greatest commandment of God’s Law? He replies with the Shema, the great prayer of Israel – the words that God spoke to the people through Moses: ‘You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind.’ Love of God means giving our whole selves to him, without reserve. And loving God means loving our neighbour, too. The two commandments are really one. Our love of God is empty, unless it moves us to love our neighbours, and to treat them as we would wish to be treated ourselves. Jesus’ teaching goes even further. We may manage to love those who are like ourselves. But all of our fellow human beings are our neighbours, especially the poor and those on the edges – the stranger, the widow and the orphan. We are called to love them, too. Jesus gave his life for us, and he asks us to give ourselves for others.

The Feast of All Saints is this Wednesday, 1 November, and is a Holy Day of Obligation. The Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed (All Souls) is on Thursday.

Please note there is no Vigil Mass for All Saints at St Cuthbert’s but there will be a Vigil Mass at St Joseph’s, Mill Lane, Gilesgate at 7:00pm on Tuesday 31 October.

A big thankyou for Low Newton donations

Your overwhelming response included so much clothing that sadly not all of it could be stored. It therefore seems best to donate the surplus to a Charity Shop, most likely a St Cuthbert’s Hospice store. If anyone is unhappy about this please can you let Ciara know, preferably by email office before 14 November after which the clothing will go. All the toiletries were very gratefully received and we are told the women are extremely appreciative of all practical support on release.