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Justice and Peace Refugee Project

Our parish collects biscuits and toilet rolls to help provide basic supplies to asylum seekers in the diocese. These are collected regularly, on the first Sunday of the month. If you would like to donate items please remember to bring them to Church next Sunday 1 December and place them under the bench in the narthex ready to be collected.

The centre is always very grateful for our supplies and with the holiday period coming up they would welcome an even bigger stock of things to draw from. Please give generously.

Youth Sunday

Today, on Youth Sunday, we celebrate the gift of young people in our Church and renew our commitment to encourage and support them. Please pray for the young people in St Cuthbert’s parish and in the University Chaplaincy community, and for those who work with them; and please give generously to today’s collection for the Youth Ministry Team, our diocesan youth service:

A Crucified King

As Jesus is dying on the Cross, he is mocked by the religious leaders, by the soldiers who crucify him, and even by one of the criminals who is being executed with him. And yet, the titles that they give him in cruel mockery are all true. Jesus really is the Christ of God, the Chosen One, the King of the Jews and of all nations. He shows us a different kind of kingship. Jesus is a King who comes to seek out the lost, to heal the sick and to forgive sinners. He welcomes the outcasts and upholds the dignity of the poor. He even forgives those who nail him to the Cross. Jesus’ authority was such an affront to the Roman and Jewish leaders that they had to crush him utterly.

Only the ‘good thief,’ the repentant criminal hanging on his own cross alongside Jesus, recognises him as King, with power to forgive sins. His act of faith wins him the promise of paradise. Today’s feast of Christ the King reminds us that we are citizens of a kingdom that is not of this world. We have put our faith in the crucified King.

Events at Ushaw

Day of Reflection with Sr Rosarie Spence RSM, Ushaw, Wednesday 27th November, 10.30 am – 3.30 pm. An opportunity to step aside, experience different ways of praying and enjoy a time of personal prayer, all in the beautiful surroundings at Ushaw. The cost is £10 per person, including tea/coffee at the beginning and end of the day. Lunch may be purchased in the Refectory. Booking should be made at

Ushaw Christmas Tree Festival: Ushaw’s 2019 Christmas Tree Festival will be bigger and better than ever – with a display of 100 Christmas Trees! Official launch is on 29th November.

A Solid Foundation

The Second Temple in Jerusalem was a magnificent building, constructed under King Herod the Great. Jesus’ disciples would never have seen anything so impressive. But Jesus foretold the destruction of the Temple; and by the time Luke came to write his Gospel, the prophecy had been fulfilled. The Jewish uprising against Roman rule, which began in 66 AD, ended in the year 70 with Jerusalem besieged by the Roman legions and the Temple destroyed by fire. It was a catastrophe for the Jewish people; and yet, they found ways to continue their worship of God and to maintain their identity as a nation. Jesus warned his disciples that the destruction of the Temple would be followed by even greater disasters; wars and earthquakes, plagues and famines. They would face persecution for their faith in him, but God would keep them safe. As we look around at the turmoil and suffering in the world today, Jesus’ words remind us that all earthly power and splendour will pass away. The only solid foundation for our lives is our faith in Christ.

The Source

Our regular diocesan event for young people (school Year 9 and above), with Praise & Worship, prayer, live music, faith sharing, social time and refreshments. At St. Mary’s Cathedral, Newcastle, Wednesday 4th December, 7.00–8.45pm.Inspirational and uplifting – everyone is welcome.

God of the Living

Jesus’ opponents, the Sadducees, set a trap for him. They do not believe in the resurrection of the dead, so they spin a story of a woman married to seven brothers in succession. Whose wife will she be, in the life to come? Jesus’ answer is that the Sadducees have misunderstood God’s promise of resurrection. The life to come will not be merely a continuation of our earthly life; the whole world will be glorified, transformed by God’s power. God’s will for all of his children is resurrection and eternal life.

Today, on Remembrance Sunday, we commemorate those who have died in war, especially the great wars of the 20th century. As we honour the courage and sacrifice of those who died, we also lament the terrible waste and destruction brought by war. Jesus reveals to us that God is the God of life; he calls us to value every human life, and to work and pray for peace.

Diocesan Job Vacancies

Head of Communications
The Diocese are looking for an experienced and enthusiastic individual to take responsibility for the delivery of their Communications Strategy. You will have experience of identifying the resources and infrastructure required to take this from concept through to implementation. This new senior role is an opportunity for someone to join the charity, establish a plan and identify the team to deliver the strategy. Closing date for applications: 5pm on 18th November.

Parish Secretary
English Martyrs and Ss Peter and Paul, Roseworth, Stockton – 16 hours per week, 12 month fixed term contract. Closing date: 19th November.

For further information and details of how to apply for these positions please visit website or contact us on 0191 243 3301