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Diocesan Church Music Association

The Diocesan Church Music Association have set up a link on their page of the Diocesan website, asking parish musicians to sign up to give them an idea of the resources around the Diocese and to keep people up to date with news of workshops etc.

If you would like to sign up the form can be found on the Diocesan website, clicking on ‘Departments’, then ‘Liturgy’, then Diocesan Church Music Association. Scrolling down will reveal a paragraph headed ‘Join our mailing list’.

Blessed John Henry Newman

An afternoon celebrating the canonisation of Blessed John Henry Newman will be held by Tyneside Newman Circle on Saturday 12 October at St. Mary’s, Cullercoats. The timetable will be:

2.00pm Fr. Andrew Downie, “Newman and the Development of Doctrine”
2.45pm Prof. Terry Wright, “Newman and the Bible”
3.30pm Refreshments
4.00pm Dr. Sheridan Gilley, “Newman and Holiness”
5.00pm Mass

The event is free and everyone is welcome, but if you wish to attend, please contact Prof. Terry Wright on or 0191 274 8653.

Cafod Harvest Fast Day

CAFOD Harvest Fast Day is this Friday, 4th October. This Fast Day, CAFOD asks us to fast, pray and give, so we can extend the hand of friendship to the world’s poorest people. Fabiano’s village in rural Uganda has been devastated by drought. Every day, children would trek miles for water, risking their education – and safety. Donations from parishioners across England and Wales helped install a solar powered water pump in the village. Now Fabiano and his friends can collect water quickly and safely. On Family Fast Day, CAFOD invites us to eat a simple meal for lunch or dinner and give the money we save to help children like Fabiano. Please take a Fast Day envelope and give generously.

The rich man and Lazarus

Luke tells us that the Pharisees ‘loved money.’ They saw their wealth as a sign of God’s favour. With this parable, Jesus challenges, indeed, reverses the Pharisees’ view. At the banquet in God’s kingdom, the last will be first; the poor man Lazarus sits in the place of honour, with Abraham. The rich man addresses Abraham as ‘Father,’ but he has not lived as a true son of Abraham. He has been indifferent to the suffering of the poor man at his gate, ignoring the teaching of Moses and the prophets that the rich are obliged to act justly and to show concern for the poor. Now the rich man is cut off by an unbridgeable gulf from the joys of heaven – just as he was apparently remote from the sufferings of Lazarus in life. The parable warns us not to think that we can remain secure in worldly wealth and luxury, but to open our eyes to the suffering of our brothers and sisters, and to respond with care and compassion.

The Source

Our diocesan event aimed at young people in school Year 9 and up (but everyone is welcome.) Praise and Worship, prayer, live music, faith sharing, social time and refreshments. The Source takes place at St. Mary’s Cathedral, Newcastle, this Wednesday, 2nd October, from 7.00–8.45pm.

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who came along to help open our church for Heritage Open Days and the Partnership Open Afternoon. The church looked wonderful thanks to all your hard work cleaning, and everyone who provided refreshments and a warm welcome to our visitors made both events a real success.

Home Mission Sunday

Is today and there is a retiring collection in support. The Home Mission Office is a national organisation that helps the local Church engage in the vital mission of evangelisation. On Home Mission Sunday, they ask for our prayers and our financial support. Our prayers help them to be attentive to the Holy Spirit who directs their work and our donations to the collection will enable them to help the local Church share the joy of the Gospel throughout England and Wales. For more information about the Home Mission Office or to donate online please visit

Thank You

Last Sunday Martin Donbavand completed the Great North Run in 2 hours, 38 minutes and 48 seconds! Martin would like to thank everybody in St Cuthbert’s parish for sponsoring him and supporting his good cause. If you would like to donate but haven’t yet please see Liz Donbavand.