STELLA MARIS / Apostleship of the Sea

Woolly Hat Pattern

Aran is the best wool to use although Double Knitting can be used but the hats are not quite as warm. However, it is a matter of choice for the person doing the knitting.

This is the pattern that many people have found easy to use and it provides a good fit on most heads. The brim means it does not blow off in a wind.

Requirement: a pair each of size 6 (5mm) and size 7 (4.5mm) needles

With No 6 needles cast on 108 stitches and work k2 p2 rib for 3 ins (8cms)

Change to No 7 needles and continue in rib until the work measures 9ins (23cms) then start to decrease as follows:

Row 1- Rib 9, slip 1, k2together, pass the slipped stitch over (psso). Repeat to the end of the row

Row 2 and every alternate row – Rib in pattern

Row 3 – Rib 7, slip1, k2tog, psso. Repeat to the end of the ro w.

Row 5 – Rib 5 etc

Row 7 – Rib 3 etc

Row 9 – Rib1 etc

Row 11 – K2tog to the end of the row. Thread about 12ins (30cms0 of wool through the stitches and draw tight.

Stitch up the side seam and fold back the brim.

Start your next hat!