The Sacraments are special signs, instituted by Christ and celebrated in his name by the Church, where grace of God touches our lives: whether at moments when we take new steps in the Christian life, or simply in our daily living out of our calling.

There are seven sacraments:

  • Baptism, by which we are washed from sin and incorporated into Christ’s Body, the Church;
  • Confirmation, in which we are strengthened for the Christian mission;
  • The Eucharist or Mass in which we are nourished; as First Communion our Christian initiation is completed; as Viaticum we are prepared for our final journey;
  • Penance or Confession, in God’s mercy is shown to us as Christians who fall short of our calling;
  • Anointing of the Sick in which Christ grants healing and strength;
  • Holy Orders in which Christ calls ministers for his service;
  • Holy Matrimony or Marriage which is a sign of the love between Christ and his Church, and the place where man and woman give themselves to each other for their mutual good, for bringing children into the world, and bringing them up according to God’s law.

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