Becoming a Lay Dominican

All are welcome to come along to our meetings.

Some may feel called to become a Lay Dominican. This is an important decision as it involves a life-long promise to follow the Dominican way and to observe the Dominican Rule. As such, it should not be taken lightly and patient discernment is needed.

If you feel called in this way, you can ask to become a member of the Dominican family.

The process is broadly:

  • Year 1: you are welcomed as an ‘Enquirer’ and encouraged to listen, talk, study and pray as you consider this vocation. After about a year, you can apply to be ‘Admitted’ to the Order.
  • Year 2: After a further year of study, prayer and reflection, you can make your First (or Temporary) Profession as a Dominican.
  • Year 5: Three years later, after a prolonged period of discernment, you can make your Final (or Permanent) Profession. This is a commitment for life and is a serious undertaking by which you promise to live a life of Study, Prayer, Community and Preaching, the “four pillars” of Dominican life.
Quote from St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Dominic’s Church, Newcastle

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