The kingdom of God is at hand

The gospel passage for this Sunday makes clear the challenge of proclaiming the gospel. Christ sends out the seventy-two disciples with nothing but the Good News that the “kingdom of God is very near” (Luke 10:9).

There must have been tremendous uncertainty among those seventy-two about how they would even survive, with no guaranteed food or lodging; most likely they had had little chance to plan. Yet they are given confidence that the Lord’s message is true; the Lord himself is to visit the places his disciples prepare.

We face uncertainty in the future too: the Diocese this weekend launches the next stage of the Forward Together in Hope process, which will inevitably mean change in many places. St Cuthbert’s parish and the University Chaplaincy too will inevitably face change and uncertainty in coming months.

But amid all this we must remember that we are disciples; the Lord is with us. The message we proclaim is true and is good news, and where we are faithful in proclaiming him, the Lord will come – and we will have cause to rejoice, not in our achievements, but in the promise of the kingdom.

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