Synod Meeting: Ministry

We’re holding a series of meetings to talk about some of the issues raised in the summary document from the Synod Assembly in Rome last October. The second meeting will be on Sunday 11th February at 2.30pm, at St. Cuthbert’s, and the subject will be ‘Ministry and Co-responsibility’.  

Please come along and share your ideas on the following questions: 

The Synod Assembly said that ‘it is necessary for all the baptised to commit themselves to the reciprocal exercise of their vocation, charism, and ministry’ and talks about co-responsibility for our mission. It asks that the church explores further the formation of priests, the permanent diaconate, the increasing role of lay people in ministry and the possible need for new ministries. What do we think are the priorities? And how can the priests, deacons and lay people of our Partnership best work together?

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