St. John Boste Parish Green Team

The Green Team at St. John Boste parish would like to invite everyone in the Partnership to an event on Tuesday 30th April.

Terence and Tracy Featherstone live in Coundon on a farm which they inherited. They had a vision of turning the farmhouse into a family home whilst incorporating renewable energy supplies. They have achieved this, and more. They have created the only completely green footprint farm in the northeast. They want to help others to achieve a greener lifestyle. 

After hearing their story from Tracy herself and reading about their achievements in the press, the St John Boste Parish Green Team accepted the proposal to invite them to come to our parish.  Please come and join us, and listen to their amazing story. This will take place in St Joseph’s Catholic Club, Ushaw Moor, Tuesday April 30th at 7.30pm.  Refreshments will be served on arrival. Before the Presentation there is also the opportunity to celebrate Mass in the church and all are welcome to join us for this at 7pm.

Should you wish to learn more at this stage about The Featherstones, there was an article in the Northern Echo.

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