The Narrow Door

Jesus is asked, ‘Will there be only a few saved?’ And his answer is ‘No.’ People from all nations will be welcomed to the feast in the kingdom of God – from east and west, from north and south. No one is excluded; God offers salvation to everyone. So why is the door narrow? Jesus gave this teaching to the people at a time when he was making his way through towns and villages on his way to Jerusalem. Many of the people heard his teaching, and saw the miracles that he worked; but only a few, it seems, became his disciples. The door was narrow for them, because Jesus’ call to conversion was too much of a challenge. The door is narrow for us, too, if we are overly attached to the things of this world. But if we respond to Christ’s call, and go through the narrow door, we find that it opens onto the infinitely wide love and mercy of God.

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