The Power of Faith

In today’s Gospel, Jesus presents two challenges to his apostles. He tells them that a tiny amount of faith – the size of a mustard seed – can accomplish things that seem impossible. Then the Lord reminds his apostles that, although they have been chosen for a role of leadership in his Church, they are no more than God’s instruments. All that they achieve is brought about by God’s grace, and they are merely servants of God’s people.

Christian faith is not only belief that the teachings of the Church are true: even more importantly, faith is belief in Jesus as the Son of God. That faith in Christ can transform us. The apostles’ faith was found wanting when Jesus faced his Passion and death, but afterwards, with the help of the Holy Spirit, they accomplished amazing things in spreading the Gospel. As disciples of Christ, we can achieve remarkable things too, with just a little faith. But we are merely servants, and all that we achieve is God’s gift.

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