Light for all the Nations

Today, forty days after Christmas Day, we celebrate the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord – Candlemas. We carry lighted candles into church to symbolise Jesus, the Light of the World, born among us at Christmas. When Mary and Joseph bring the baby Jesus to the Temple in Jerusalem to present him to God, he is recognised by Simeon and Anna. Simeon prophesies both the suffering that lies ahead for the child and the salvation that he will bring. Anna witnesses to others that Jesus will bring deliverance for the people. Simeon and Anna are faithful children of Israel. They have waited in trust and hope for the coming of the Christ, and God grants them the joy of recognising and proclaiming him when he comes. In Jesus, God fulfils his promises to the people of Israel and, as Simeon proclaims, brings salvation to all the nations of the world. Throughout his life, Jesus will be welcomed by the poor and the little ones, but rejected by the high priests and the leaders of the people. Today’s feast challenges us, like Simeon and Anna, to recognise, worship and proclaim Christ as Saviour.

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