Supporting one another during the coronavirus outbreak

Many of our parishioners are elderly, or at risk of infection because of an existing condition. Some are self-isolating, in accordance with NHS advice. If you would be able to help with shopping for food and medicine for a housebound person, or if you are in need of such help, please contact Fr Andrew on,uk or 0191 384 3442.

We already have a number of volunteers, both parishioners and students (some of whom have been unable to travel home and are staying in Durham), who are ready and willing to help, so please do get in touch.

3 thoughts on “Supporting one another during the coronavirus outbreak”

  1. Does anyone know of a live streaming mass in our area? Newcastle? Sunderland?

    Facebook? Can’t really figure it out. I can get to the relevant page, but can’t find a “Group” tab.

    Keep safe,,

    1. Susan,

      Mass is being live streamed from St Mary’s Cathedral and St Mary’s Church, Hexham. Details here.

      If you go to the ‘St Cuthbert’s Parish Community’ Facebook page, you should see a button that says ‘Join.’

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