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Peace be with you

Were the disciples happy when the risen Jesus appeared to them? No, Luke tells us, they were terrified and thought they were seeing a ghost. It’s easy to understand their fear, but Jesus shows them his hands and feet and lets them see that he has truly risen. He is not a ghost and he eats with them, as he has done so many times before. 

Perhaps the disciples also feared that Jesus would be angry with them. After all, they had abandoned and betrayed him when he was arrested. But instead, Jesus greets them with the words, ‘Peace be with you.’ He has come back from the dead, not to judge or to take revenge, but to bring forgiveness and healing. Finally, Jesus gives the disciples a mission; to witness to the truth. He has died and risen to bring forgiveness for sins, and he sends them out to share the Good News with people of all nations. 

The mission that Jesus gave his first disciples is our mission too: to bring to world the good news of the Resurrection and the forgiveness of sins. We are his witnesses today.


St Cuthbert’s recently sent a cheque to CAFOD for money raised over the last few months totalling £979. This includes donations from the shared harvest, fast days, the knitted crib and Easter chicks and soup lunches. Thank you for your generosity. 

Please Pray For ….

The repose of the soul of Mgr Phillip Carroll, who died recently.

Those who are sick:

Stuart Button, Phil Bawden (Australia), Francis Mangion, Andrew S, Christopher Browne, Hugh McElhennon, Mary Skelton, Clare Humphrey and David Moore.

Those whose anniversaries occur at this time:

Joseph Ramsay, Paul Finnigan, Linda Powell, John Burn, Albert Grigg, Margaret Mary Tristan, Cyril Wheatley, Fr Meagher, Mary Firth, Mary Atkinson. May they rest in peace.

Diocesan Job Vacancies

The Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle has the following job vacancies:

Administrator, St Mary’s Cathedral, Newcastle – full-time. Closing date: 16 April

IT Field Engineer (two posts) Diocesan Offices, Newcastle – full-time, 9-month fixed term contract. Closing date: 21 April

Please visit  for full details or contact us on 0191 243 3301.

Thank you

To all those who took part in any of our Parish Lenten activities. There has been a lot of support. The response to the Mothers Day appeal was tremendous. Thanks to all those who baked cakes and to all those who bought them. Over £300 was raised and shared by the Parish charities -Dorothy’s Wells Tanzania and Changing Lives, Plawsworth. Likewise the donations of craft items for children attending Family Visits at Low Newton prison were very generous. The families and Nepacs are always very grateful for items we provide. 

Online Gospel Reflections

Every week we meet on Zoom to reflect together on Sunday’s Gospel. The reflection lasts 45-50 minutes and everyone is welcome. The Zoom call currently takes place on a Saturday morning, but we are considering changing the time to a weekday in the early evening. If you are interested in taking part, and have suggestions about a suitable time, please contact Fr Andrew on 

Events at Minsteracres

A Circle of Prayer: Saturday 20th April, 10am-4pm. Led by Joyce McAndrew. This is an inviting programme which explores the beauty of music whilst incorporating responsive movement which echoes both feelings, and mood as non-verbal self-expression which touches both the soul and the imagination. Throughout this retreat you will have an opportunity to learn both… Cost £45.

Details and booking at

My Lord and my God

The Gospel stories of the days after the Resurrection of Jesus show his disciples moving gradually from fear to joy. After the horror of the Crucifixion, the disciples had fearfully locked themselves in a room when the risen Christ appeared to them. They might have expected reproach or blame from Jesus; after all, they abandoned him at the worst moment. But instead, Jesus’ greeting to them is ‘Peace be with you.’ He has come back from the dead to forgive, not to condemn. He gives his disciples a mission; to go out into the world and forgive sins by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Thomas was not there when Jesus appeared to the other disciples, and understandably he refused to believe the story. The dead do not come back to life. Only when he had seen the risen Jesus for himself could Thomas make his act of faith: ‘My Lord and my God.’

Jesus tells Thomas, ‘Happy are those who have not seen and yet believe.’ He was speaking about us, the disciples who believe in him because of the witness of the Bible and the Church. By our faith in Jesus, we have life through his name.

Coffee after Mass – new charities from April 7th 2024

From April 7th the coffee donations will go to Kidshelp Cambodia and Gateway Wheelers.

Kidshelp Cambodia – England supports education in Cambodia. 75% of students are girls from poor families in the countryside. We support 575 school children and 40 university students. For university students we include volunteering work in the community, to teach soft skills and project work. The recent focus is on cataract surgery and diabetes management, both prevalent in the community.

Gateway Wheelers – a local charity that provides supported cycling opportunities with disabled people of all ages with a range of suitably adapted cycles.