In October of this year, the UK government plans to open an Immigration Removal Centre at Hassockfield on the site of the former Medomsley Detention Centre, near Consett, County Durham.

This centre will be for 80 women seeking asylum in the UK. The proposal is inhumane, unjust and incompatible with our faith which calls us to recognise the intrinsic dignity of each person. These women are not criminals to be locked up but people like ourselves who have the right to a place of safety and to be treated with respect and compassion. An interfaith prayer service will take place on Sunday 23rd May at 3.00pm in as many churches and places of worship as possible as part of a united faith response against Hassockfield. The Diocesan Youth Ministry Team will join with the Faith Witness and will go live at the same time on YMT’s Facebook page.

Transport (Art.IWM ART 17259) image: There are two main portraits showing a woman and a man with their heads covered facing the viewer, but inclining their heads towards each other. In the lower left corner there are two other, smaller faces also facing the viewer. In the upper right corner of the canvas the face of a mother with a child is visible. The child’s face partially obscures the mother’s downcast face. Copyright: © IWM. Original Source:


  1. Hi there
    I was wondering if there is to be another prayer vigil up at Hassockfield. I could not make the last one but did pray about it and it has been part of my ongoing prayers since. It is an issue that has really touched my heart.
    Thank you

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