For a Synodal Church

Pope Francis has asked the whole Church to begin a process of listening and discernment, in preparation for the Synod of Bishops to be held in 2023. The theme is:

For a Synodal Church: Communion, Participation, Mission.

Every member of the Church is asked to contribute to this synodal process, and we’ve already had 2 meetings in the parish .

We’re planning more meetings so that you have the opportunity to join discussions face to face or on-line, during the day or in the evenings. Our next meeting is planned for Monday 29 November at 7.00pm, on Zoom. The joining details are available in our Parish Facebook group or from We’ll be talking about ‘Celebrating: Lockdown made several people think about the importance of being part of a congregation, and of good liturgy and preaching.  It made others think more deeply about scripture as we introduced on-line Gospel reflections’.

We’ll also be meeting face to face, in the parish room, on Thursday 2 December at 2.00pm when we’ll be talking about Listening: how do we listen to young people who do not see church as relevant, and how do we engage with the world which is very secular, individualistic and has no concept of objective truth?’

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