Theology & Comedy

A theology workshop led by Dr Marcus Pound, Associate Professor of Theology & Assistant Director of the Centre for Catholic Studies at Durham University.

Coming out of the experience of war, a generation of modern theologians such as Donald MacKinnon, Hans Urs von Balthasar, and, more recently, Rowan Williams, in their accommodation to literature, choose tragedy as the paradigm for theological understanding and ethics. By contrast, Marcus develops recent philosophical, anthropological, and psychoanalytical studies of humour to develop a theology of comedy. By deconstructing secular accounts of comedy he advances the argument that comedy is not only participatory of the divine, but that it should inform our thinking about liturgical, sacramental, and ecclesial life if we are to respond to the postmodern age in which having fun is an ideological imperative of market forces.

Thursday 3rd November at 7.00pm, in the Parish Room. Everyone is welcome.

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