Your faith has saved you

Jesus meets ten lepers. Ten men who are excluded from society – unable to take part in family life or worship, because their condition makes them “unclean.” They have to live outside the town, and are forbidden any sort of contact with their fellow men and women. They see in Jesus a man who has both the compassion to care for them, and the power to heal them.

When Jesus cleanses the ten lepers, he not only cures their illness – he also restores them to full membership of society. They can go home – Jesus has given them back their dignity. But only one man, a Samaritan, comes back to thank Jesus. He praises God, because he knows that only God, working in Jesus, could have brought about his cure. The gift of healing has brought him to faith in Christ.

Our faith in Christ should prompt us to ask the Lord for all that we need, believing that he has power to heal us. And if our faith is alive and active, it will lead us to recognise God at work in our lives – and remind us to give thanks.

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