He is God of the living

The Sadducees don’t believe in resurrection or eternal life – a belief which grew up late in the Old Testament era. They challenge Jesus with a story that seems to show the absurdity of such a belief: a story of a woman married in turn to seven brothers, who all die, one after the other. But Jesus challenges the Sadducees directly. Their error lies in underestimating God’s creative power, and the depth of God’s love for his people. God created all life, and God’s plan for each one of us is eternal life. In the kingdom of heaven, God’s children will be fully alive, with a life that will make our life in this world seem like a pale imitation. Our faith in eternal life shouldn’t lead us to devalue our life in this world, but to live as well as possible, in preparation for the life to come. Our God is God of the living.

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