Proposal for Sculpture at St Cuthbert’s

St Cuthbert’s has been offered a sculpture by the noted Canadian artist Timothy Schmalz, whose work highlights modern-day concerns of poverty and justice. His sculpture Homeless Jesus is on display in the Vatican and examples of his art can be seen all over the world.

This work, When I Was Hungry and Thirsty, is already on display at Holy Trinity parish, Washington, DC (see below.) Our copy would be placed in the courtyard in front of the church doors. A patron is willing to meet the cost of casting and transporting the sculpture. The proposal has received a positive recommendation from the Diocesan Historic Churches Committee and is now out for statutory consultation – details here.

Cardinal Gregory blessed a dramatic new sculpture by artist Timothy Schmalz depicts Jesus as a poor man needing help, reflecting what Jesus said in Matthew 25 about seeing Him in the poor and suffering, outside the parish chapel of Holy Trinity Church

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