New Lectio Divina – TODAY

This Sunday afternoon, you’re invited to try “New Lectio Divina” – a shared session of immersion in Scripture, which guides participants to a profound experience of the Word of God. New Lectio Divina is a way of praying with words and voice, a purposeful journey into the profound messages embedded in the Bible. Professor Kate Burke of the University of Virginia Department of Drama will introduce us to new ways of entering into the Word, and experiencing the power of God’s desire to speak to us, his people. The session is based on techniques developed in training actors at the Royal Shakespeare Company (but don’t worry, no acting is called for!) The session aims to draw the group together in praying God’s Word.

The session will begin this Sunday afternoon at 3.30pm, in the Chaplaincy Room, and will last about 90 minutes. Everyone is welcome. You can find out more about New Lectio Divina at

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