Unbind him, let him go free

Today’s Gospel shows us the humanity of Jesus. He weeps at the death of Lazarus, his friend. He shares in the grief of Martha and Mary. But this miracle is also a sign that Jesus is the Son of God, with power over life and death. Lazarus was thoroughly dead, four days in the tomb. At a word from Jesus, he is restored to life, and returned to the people who love him. It’s a stunning demonstration of Jesus’ power, and of his unity with God his Father. It brings many people to believe in him.

God’s will is for all his people to be fully alive and free. When we choose sin, we choose to be less alive. We may be tempted to hide in the dark tombs that we make for ourselves. But Jesus comes to seek us. Like Lazarus, he calls us to come out of our tombs, and to enjoy the fullness of life and freedom that comes from faith in him.

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