Come to Me

Life is not easy. We all have our “yoke” to carry: the daily challenge of earning a living or caring for a family; the struggles of illness or disability. We all, sometimes, feel weary and “overburdened,” as Jesus says in today’s Gospel.

God doesn’t watch our struggles from a distance. Jesus, the Son of God, was truly human, and he shared in all that we experience. He felt hungry, tired and discouraged. He wept at the loss of friends. The life of Jesus reveals God’s compassion for us. God is closest to us at the saddest and most difficult times in our lives, and God has a special love for the poor and powerless.

Jesus calls us to live our lives by his law of love: love of God and love of neighbour. His “yoke” is easy to carry, because he calls us to be free, truly alive and truly ourselves. His invitation is offered to everyone: Come to me.

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