Finding Treasure

Today, Jesus tells two parables about people who find something precious: a treasure hidden in a field, and a beautiful pearl hidden inside an oyster’s shell. Each is so valuable that the finder is prepared to “sell everything he owns” in order to have it.

The parable prompts us to ask ourselves what is precious to us. When Solomon became king of Israel, he might have asked God for wealth, or for victory in battle. Instead, Solomon asked for wisdom to lead God’s people with justice and discernment. That was the kind of king that he wanted to be. Wisdom was the treasure that Solomon desired.

Jesus wants his disciples to see that the kingdom of heaven – the truth and wisdom that he is teaching them – is more precious than anything in the world. But the kingdom comes at a price. We may be too attached to the things of the world: money, possessions, status, reputation. Christ calls us to let go of our attachments, so that we can be free to follow him, and have real treasure.

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