Go and work in the vineyard today

Today’s Gospel sees Jesus, yet again, in conflict with the religious leaders of Israel – the chief priests and elders. They were concerned when they saw Jesus enter Jerusalem, acclaimed by the people as prophet and Messiah. They were furious when he drove the merchants and money-changers out of the Temple. By his teaching, Jesus called the people to repentance and conversion, just as John the Baptist did before him. Those regarded as “sinners” – the tax collectors and prostitutes – responded with joy to the Good News brought by Christ. They knew their need for God’s mercy, and they embraced the hope that Jesus brought them. The chief priests and elders, in contrast, felt secure in their own righteous observance of the Law. Believing that they had no need of repentance, they rejected first John, and then Jesus, whose coming John had foretold. With this parable, Jesus challenges the leaders of the people. God looks at our actions, and not our words – God is pleased when we repent and live our lives in accordance with his will. The challenge that Jesus offered to the “righteous” people of his own time is a challenge to us, too – are we truly seeking to do our Father’s will?

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