A Different Kind of King

Today’s feast of Christ the King directly challenges our worldly understanding of power and majesty. The symbol of Christian faith is the crucifix. God’s love is made visible in the death and resurrection of Christ his Son. The majesty of Christ is founded on the self-giving love of God. It is in pouring out his life for us – scourged, stripped naked and crucified – that Christ reveals his majesty. The King we follow is a King who reigns from the Cross. And his kingdom is built, not on earthly power, but on the power of love. The kingdom of God is revealed, whenever we show love and practical care to our neighbour, and especially to the poor, the weak and the outsider. The kingdoms of this world will fall, but the kingdom of God will last forever. Today’s Gospel makes it clear that our lives will be judged by the way that we treat the least of our brothers and sisters.

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