Speak, Lord, your servant is listening

The readings for today’s Mass present us with two stories of a call from God. Samuel was a young boy dedicated to God by his mother, from the day of his birth. While Samuel was living with Eli the priest, and serving him, God called him to become a prophet who would speak God’s words to the people. Andrew, Simon Peter and another unnamed follower of John the Baptist became disciples of Jesus after meeting him. In each case, the call from God is unique and personal. In each case, a guide has a part to play in helping the disciple to respond to God’s call. Eli prepares Samuel to listen to the Lord’s words; John the Baptist points out Jesus to his disciples as the Lamb of God. The guide does his part, and then steps aside to allow God to work. In each case, the disciple has to have a listening ear and an open heart, to recognise God’s call and respond generously. Jesus asks us to come to him without our own agenda – to come to him, listening and receptive, ready to give our whole lives in answer to his call. And he promises us that, if we ‘come and see,’ we will hear the truth, and encounter a love and a joy we would never have known.

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