Belpahar Donations

For a number of years, St Cuthbert’s Parish has engaged in fundraising to support development in a parish in Belpahar, India. Due to circumstances beyond our control, it has become impossible to verify that funds transferred to India are being received by the intended recipient. This has been a matter of great concern to the Parish Priest, Justice and Peace Group and Finance Committee. Having taken appropriate advice, it has been agreed that without assurance of proper receipt and use of funds it is no longer appropriate or responsible to continue to send money to India.

Since September 2012, when funds were last transferred to India, just over £4000 has been raised which we had intended to send to Belpahar. It is now proposed that these funds be applied instead to other similar overseas development projects identified by the Parish Justice and Peace Group. The Group has in mind in particular the project at Tierra Firme, a barrio in Ibagué, Colombia supported by our friends at the Durham Martyrs’ Parish.

In accordance with Charity Commission guidance for such situations, individuals who have made identifiable donations for Belpahar since September 2012 are entitled to reclaim their donation. Any claims should reach the Parish Office by Monday 29 June 2015. After that date the funds given for Belpahar will be applied as described above.

Please keep all those affected in your prayers. If you have any queries, please speak to fr. Ben or a member of the Parish Justice and Peace Group.