What is that between so many?

Jesus and his disciples are faced with a crisis – a crowd of hungry people, and no food to offer them. The disciples look at the situation in practical terms: Philip speaks of how much money would be needed to buy enough bread, Andrew about the small amount of food that is actually available. They are overwhelmed by the situation. But Jesus knows what he is going to do. Through the power of God, the food that they do have – five loaves and two fishes, shared by a young boy – is enough to feed the great crowd.

We sometimes feel overwhelmed, like Jesus’ disciples, when we’re faced with great needs and seemingly inadequate resources. The Lord calls us to follow the example of the nameless and silent young boy in today’s Gospel. He handed over generously the little that he had, and left the rest to Jesus. If we respond as generously as we can, with trust in Christ’s power, we can leave the rest to him.

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