Jesus presents his disciples with a challenge. He has spelled out his teaching clearly; ‘I am the bread of life.’ His followers must eat his body and drink his blood, in order to have eternal life. His language seems so strange and shocking that many find it intolerable. They leave him, even though they have seen his miracles. But Jesus never tones down his message to make it acceptable. He speaks with absolute truth and integrity.

‘What about you?’ Jesus asks the twelve apostles. And Peter replies on behalf of all. ‘Who shall we go to?’ They have come to know Jesus, and to believe in him. They have seen that there is no other Saviour, and no other teaching that brings life. We may feel discouraged by our own sins and failures; we may feel outraged by the scandals and the shortcomings that we see in the Church; we may be tempted to go away too, as others have done. But as Pope Francis has said, the Church can only repent and reform herself with the involvement of all her members. Who else shall we go to?

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