Your Faith has saved you

Bartimaeus is introduced in today’s Gospel as ‘a blind beggar.’ As a blind man, he had to beg in order to survive. He would be shunned and despised by the people, who regarded blindness as a punishment from God. Even when he begins to call out to Jesus for help, the people in the crowd scold him and try to silence him. But Jesus stops to speak to Bartimaeus, perhaps because he sees that the blind man has great faith. He is the first person in Mark’s Gospel to address Jesus as ‘Son of David’ – one of the titles of the Messiah. Then he calls him ‘Rabbuni’ – ‘My master’ or ‘My teacher’ – the same title that Mary Magdalene will address to the risen Christ. Mark contrasts the blindness of the twelve apostles – still arguing over the best places in God’s kingdom – with the faith and understanding of Bartimaeus.

Jesus tells Bartimaeus that his faith has saved him. He receives his sight back, and becomes a disciple, following Jesus along the road to Jerusalem. He will see Jesus’ passion and death with his own eyes. His example inspires us to call out to Christ for our needs, with faith that he has power to heal us.

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