Financial Briefing to the Parish

John Marsland, chairman of the Parish Finance Council, writes:

I am pleased to report that the year has been financially stable. We have spent £17K on repairs and renewals and have completed the refurbishment of the Parish Office and alterations to the Narthex. We recently commenced repairs to the boundary wall, which will cost about £24K.  Our beautiful, historically important church requires constant maintenance and one big project is waiting in the wings – the repair to the presbytery stonework will be a six figure sum, a challenge for future years.

Fortunately, thanks to your generosity we are able to meet our current commitments as our balances are currently £22K in the current account and £63K in the deposit account with the Diocese, including £8,200 from the Gift Aid scheme. If you are a taxpayer and have not joined the scheme I would encourage you to do so, it is not too bureaucratic and all personal data is protected. Please see Andy Doyle.

We work in partnership with neighbouring parishes. A Partnership Finance Committee has been formed, with an annual budget of £5K for which our contribution will be £950, based on an affordability calculation from the Diocese. As well as giving financial advice to the Partnership, Diocesan standard practice is that this committee will review any project above £10k and advise the Diocese as to whether it fits in the overall needs of the partnership. The committee is a consultative body and is not there to overrule our Parish Finance Committee.

Last year I briefed you on the effect of inflation on Parish Finances. A pound donated in 2007 is now worth only about 80p and it is perhaps worthwhile for all of us to consider from time to time the effect of this on our individual donations.

Thank you all for your continuing generosity, which allows us to face our future financial responsibilities with confidence whilst supporting relevant worthy causes at the same time.  Your contributions mean the Parish continues to have a beautiful church of which we can be proud and a presbytery with hall which allows us to host a vibrant chaplaincy community supporting young people in faith, as well as a lively Parish.

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