Flawed Heroes

Today we celebrate two great apostles: Peter, the rock on which the Church was built and its first leader; and Paul, the preacher who brought the Good News of Christ to the Gentiles. Each of these men was chosen by God to be an example and an inspiration to the Church throughout its history. And yet, the New Testament shows both Peter and Paul to be real, flawed human beings. Peter recognised Jesus as the Christ and the Son of God, but he feared what this would mean, and tried to dissuade the Lord from taking the road that led to his crucifixion. Paul was sometimes hot-headed and outspoken, and in his letters he vividly describes his own struggles and anxieties for the Church. Each played a vital part in the building up of the Church; each gave his life for Christ, in Rome. God chose Peter and Paul, with all their flaws, to do remarkable things by the power of the Holy Spirit. When we feel discouraged by our own sins and failures, we should remember that God has chosen us, too, to do wonderful things.

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