A Solid Foundation

The Second Temple in Jerusalem was a magnificent building, constructed under King Herod the Great. Jesus’ disciples would never have seen anything so impressive. But Jesus foretold the destruction of the Temple; and by the time Luke came to write his Gospel, the prophecy had been fulfilled. The Jewish uprising against Roman rule, which began in 66 AD, ended in the year 70 with Jerusalem besieged by the Roman legions and the Temple destroyed by fire. It was a catastrophe for the Jewish people; and yet, they found ways to continue their worship of God and to maintain their identity as a nation. Jesus warned his disciples that the destruction of the Temple would be followed by even greater disasters; wars and earthquakes, plagues and famines. They would face persecution for their faith in him, but God would keep them safe. As we look around at the turmoil and suffering in the world today, Jesus’ words remind us that all earthly power and splendour will pass away. The only solid foundation for our lives is our faith in Christ.

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