God’s Dream

The Gospel tells us that Joseph was a ‘man of honour.’ No doubt he was steady, hard-working, faithful – a suitable husband for a devout young girl like Mary. Joseph probably dreamed of a peaceful life, building a home with Mary and raising a family together. His dream was turned upside down when Mary was found to be expecting a child. Joseph knew that the baby was not his. He must have felt terribly disappointed and betrayed. And then, another dream turns everything upside down again. The angel reveals to Joseph that the child will be born, not as a result of human infidelity, but of God’s saving plan. Joseph is asked to give up his own dream and, instead, to become part of God’s dream for the world. God’s plan is to send his Son into the world as ‘God-with-us;’ to reveal to humankind a love beyond our imagining, save us from our sin and open the way to eternal life. Joseph, like Mary, was told by the angel, ‘Do not be afraid.’ He set aside his doubts and fears, and trusted absolutely in God. As the Christmas story unfolds, we see how the Saviour comes into the world through the faithful obedience of Mary and Joseph, and how we too are called to put our trust in God.

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