Alone in the Wilderness

At the heart of Christian faith is the doctrine of the Incarnation – our belief that, in Jesus, the Son of God became truly human. Jesus’ humanity is revealed in today’s Gospel reading. Having been baptised by John, he goes into the wilderness to pray and prepare himself for his public ministry. Alone and hungry, Jesus is vulnerable. The devil comes to tempt him: to use his divine powers for his own benefit; to work a spectacular miracle that would gain the attention of the crowds; or to worship the false god of worldly power. The temptations are real, but Jesus resists them, because he trusts absolutely in his Father, and is utterly committed to the mission that his Father has given him – in contrast to Adam and Eve, who were deceived by the devil and turned away from obedience to God. By Jesus’ obedience to the Father, our sin is overcome. As we begin the season of Lent, we are called to follow the Lord’s example. The Holy Spirit who, strengthened Jesus in the wilderness, will strengthen us in our own struggles with temptation.

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