Mystery and Gift

Today, on the Feast of the Holy Trinity, we celebrate a mystery. God has revealed himself to us as three Persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. How can there be three Persons in one God? It’s a mystery that is beyond human understanding.

Many of the most important things in life are a mystery to us. The gifts of life and of love, and the beauty of the world that God has created, are all mysteries that we can never fully grasp, but can only accept and reflect on. We come to know another person little by little, as we share friendship and love with them – but in some way, they always remain a mystery to us. And, in a similar way, God gradually revealed his mysteries to the people he created. The peoples of the ancient world believed in gods that were remote and frightening, but the true God revealed himself to the people of Israel as ‘a God of tenderness and compassion.’ God remained faithful to his chosen people, and continued to love them, though they turned away from God again and again. Jesus tells Nicodemus that, in his faithful love, God sent his only Son into the world as our Saviour. The Father and Son send the Holy Spirit to give life and unity to the Church. God never abandons us.

The mystery of the Holy Trinity is that there are relationships within God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit, loving one another. Out of the love within God, God creates the world, and creates beings that can know and love God – men and women. God loves us, and calls us to respond by loving him, and loving one another. We can never understand the mystery of the Holy Trinity – we can only live it.

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