Mass: Live Streaming on YouTube

We can now live stream Masses and services from St Cuthbert’s. To see our live stream search for ‘St Cuthbert’s Catholic Church, Durham’ on YouTube) or click here.

If you’re new to YouTube, the easiest way to access our livestreams and to check which Masses we have scheduled for streaming for the next week is to subscribe to our channel.

Once you have subscribed, if you go into YouTube, there’s a section called ‘subscriptions’ (probably at the bottom of the screen on a tablet or phone, but in the column on the far left if you are on a computer). That will take you to a screen with lots of videos from all the channels you have subscribed to.

Click on the picture of St. Cuthbert’s (in the column on the left on a tablet or phone, but you may need to click on Manage’ at the top right on a computer) and it will take you to our channel.

The top line will give you the videos we have already streamed, and if you scroll down you will come to ‘Upcoming live streams’.

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