St Cuthbert’s in lockdown

A new lockdown has been announced by the Government. However, churches can continue to celebrate Mass publicly, while maintaining the usual Covid-19 safety practices. The schedule for Masses at St Cuthbert’s remains as announced. Thank you to the volunteer stewards and cleaners, who have made it possible for us to continue celebrating Mass as a community.

Please do not come to church if you have been advised to shield, if you are showing any of the symptoms of Covid-19, or if you have any concerns about your safety. All obligations to attend Mass have been suspended by the Bishops of England and Wales, until further notice.

Please keep in touch. If you are in need of practical help, or if you just want to chat, contact Fr Andrew on or 0191 384 3442.

You can see a live stream of Mass from St Cuthbert’s on the parish YouTube channel.

For updates on the Church’s response to the pandemic, see the Catholic Bishops’ Conference website.

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