Come and see

‘What do you want?’ Jesus asks the two disciples who approach him. Probably, they don’t really know what they want. They were followers of John the Baptist, until John pointed them towards Jesus. They address Jesus as ‘Rabbi’ – Teacher – and they ask him where he lives. The two men must see something in Jesus that draws them to him. They want to find out more.

Jesus’ response is ‘Come and see.’ He spends the rest of the day talking with them. We don’t know what was said during those hours, but by the next day, Andrew is convinced that Jesus is the Messiah – God’s chosen one. Andrew is so impressed with Jesus that he brings his brother Simon to meet the new teacher. And Jesus calls Simon, too. Jesus changes Simon’s name to Cephas (Peter, in English) – the Rock. Jesus will not just change his name, but his whole life, too.

Jesus called Simon and Andrew to become his disciples, and he calls each one of us to be a disciple, too. But Jesus gives us a choice. Like the first disciples, he invites us to ‘come and see.’ When we meet Jesus and listen to his words, we realise, like Simon and Andrew, that he is the Teacher who can give meaning to our life.

Simon and Andrew weren’t rich, famous or educated. They were ordinary working men, until Jesus called them to follow him. Jesus has a unique call for each of us. However the world may see us, we are precious to God. Jesus calls us to meet him; to ‘come and see.’

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