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When Jesus begins his preaching, Mark tells us that his message is: ‘Repent, and believe the Good News.’ The good news that Jesus brings is news of God’s mercy, and the promise of eternal life. There is a sense of urgency. The time has come. John the Baptist has been arrested, and Jesus knows that the same fate could await him. He goes to Galilee and calls the people to repent; to change their hearts and their lives – to turn back to God.

The first disciples whose lives are changed by Jesus are four fishermen; Simon and his brother Andrew, James and his brother John. When Jesus calls them, they leave everything behind to follow him; job, family and home. Jesus tells them that they will ‘fish’ for people instead – they will catch disciples for him.

We too have been called by Jesus to follow him. When we were baptised, we became his disciples. Like Simon and Andrew, James and John, Jesus wants us to be ‘fishers of people’ – to catch disciples for him, witnessing to our Christian faith in word and action. Like the first disciples, Jesus wants us to put him at the centre of our lives. It’s not easy to be a disciple of Christ. It can be costly – the Good News isn’t always welcome. But Jesus is calling us by name. Are we ready to follow him?

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