I call you friends

How do we know that we are loved? Actions speak louder than words. We know that someone loves us because they show it, in the way that they take care of us. Only if a child experiences love, and grows up feeling loved and secure, can they learn to love others.

Today’s Gospel reading comes from the Last Supper. Jesus is giving his final teaching to his disciples, before going to his death on the Cross. He tells the disciples, ‘Remain in my love.’ He has shown his disciples what love means, by his life and teaching. Now he is about to give the greatest sign of all, by laying down his life on the Cross. There is no greater love. And with the gift of love, there is a challenge. Jesus  tells the disciples, ‘Love one another as I have loved you.’ This is his commandment, and it comes with a promise. Jesus calls the disciples to be his friends; no longer servants following orders, but friends who show to one another the same love that they have received from Jesus.

Jesus’ call is for us, too. He has given us the example of love and, like the first disciples, he calls us to follow his example, and to love one another as he has loved us. He wants to call us his friends.

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