Master, do you not care?

Jesus’ disciples were experienced fishermen, used to sailing on the Sea of Galilee with its changeable weather. But even they were frightened when a sudden gale and storm blew up. They feared for their lives, and they woke up Jesus, who was asleep in the boat. How could he sleep through such a frightening storm? Did he not care? When Jesus calmed the wind and the sea with a word, his disciples were amazed. ‘Who can this be?’ they asked. They knew that only God has power over the forces of nature, and now they saw that Jesus was exercising that power.

Our own lives can seem as stormy and uncertain as the Sea of Galilee. Like the disciples, struggling to stay afloat in a tiny boat, we may feel afraid as we look into the future. Like them, we might want to ask Jesus, ‘Master, do you not care?’ Jesus asks us to believe and to trust in him. He does care, and he is never far from us; in fact, he is closest to us at the most stormy times. Jesus has power to calm the storms that threaten us. We only have to have faith in him

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