Take nothing for the journey

How do Jesus’ apostles feel, when he sends them out to preach? They haven’t known Jesus for very long. Probably, they don’t really understand him or his teaching yet. And now, Jesus is sending them out to become teachers themselves.

The disciples don’t travel alone; Jesus sends them out in pairs, so that they can support and help each other. But he tells them to travel light, without money, food or spare clothes. Wherever they go, they will have to rely on the kindness of strangers.

The apostles preached repentance – the change of heart that brings God’s forgiveness for sins – and they brought healing for the sick. Most of all, though, they would share with the people their own experience of meeting Jesus, and how he had changed their lives. They were witnesses to Jesus, bringing Good News.

Today, Jesus sends us out to witness to him. Like the twelve apostles, we are not alone – we are members of the Church. We may feel that we have nothing in our pockets; no learning or wisdom to give to others. But, like the apostles, we can talk about how we have met Jesus, and the difference that he has made to us. We can share with others the forgiveness and healing that we have received ourselves. That’s what Jesus asks of us; to share the Good News that we have received

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