Memorial Masses – Remembering those who died since the pandemic began

Since the pandemic began, the ways in which we have been able to say goodbye to our loved ones and to celebrate their funerals have been severely restricted. This applies to those who died with the coronavirus and to those we have lost through other circumstances. Every family and parish is finding ways to express their loss. As part of our Diocesan family approach to these difficult times we shall especially dedicate the month of November to their remembrance.  

For a number of years, we here in St Cuthbert’s have invited people to inscribe the names of all their departed families into a book kept by the font during the month of November and we will be doing that again this year. We will also prepare a separate ‘Book of Remembrance’ to contain the names of all those who have died in the difficult days of 2020-21. If you would like the names of family, friends, neighbours or colleagues who have died in the last 2 years to be included in this special record, please contact Fr Andrew or Andy Doyle on  Our parish Memorial Mass will be at 10am on Saturday 20th November and will use this special Book of Remembrance as a focus for our prayer.

Each Episcopal Area will also have an opportunity to gather for another Mass for our dead, at which Bishop Robert plans to preside. 

Our special Book of Remembrance will then be taken to Saint Mary’s Cathedral, Newcastle, so that all those named may be remembered at a Solemn Requiem Mass celebrated by Bishop Robert at 11.00am on Saturday 27th November.

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