They left everything and followed him

The lives of Simon Peter, James and John are changed completely. They leave everything behind – home, family, their work as fishermen – to follow Jesus.

What did they see? What was it that persuaded the first disciples to make such a dramatic change in their lives? Jesus brought about a miraculous catch of fish – so many that their nets were tearing, their boats about to sink. The miracle was enough for Simon Peter to see that God was working in Jesus; he fell down and worshipped him. But Simon’s instinctive reaction was, ‘Leave me, Lord.’ He felt completely unworthy to be Jesus’ disciple. Jesus replied, ‘Do not be afraid.’ He knew Simon’s faults, but he also saw his loving and generous spirit. Jesus would rename Simon as Peter, and would make him the leader of his Church. 

When Jesus calls us to be his disciples, our first reaction may be the same as Simon Peter’s; ‘Leave me, Lord – I am not worthy.’ Jesus knows that we are sinners. He knows our fears and uncertainties, yet he calls us to be his disciples. He wants us to call others to follow him, too, as he said to Simon: ‘From now on, it is people you will catch.’ If we take the risk of saying ‘Yes’ to Jesus’ call, he will give us the strength that we need to follow him.

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