Happy are you who are poor; yours is the Kingdom of God 

Today’s Gospel sees Jesus speaking to a great crowd of people. Probably, there were both rich and poor people among the crowd. Some would be hungry, others would be prosperous. Some would be feeling happy with their lives, while others would be sad and grieving. Jesus has the same message for all of his disciples. He teaches them that the things of the world don’t last forever. This world will pass away, and in the Kingdom of God, those who are suffering now will have the places of honour.

We all want to be successful and to feel secure. But if put too much importance on the things of the world – money, possessions, popularity – then we may fail to see that all of our blessings are God’s gift, and start to think that we have earned our privileged place. We may forget that all of these things will pass away. The poor, however, don’t have that temptation. They know that they depend completely on God. 

Our true security comes from our faith and trust in God. Jesus can fulfil our deepest longings; by his life and teaching, he shows us the way to true happiness, even in this present life; and he promises to share with us his own happiness in the life to come.

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